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We just got back from Alex’s very first trip to the slopes and it was AWESOME! Yesterday we had shopped around the various ski stores in town for some toddler skis and the only place that had any left was the very reliable Joe Jones Ski & Board Shop in North Conway. For $39.99 we picked up a pair of Lucky Bums Youth Beginner Skis. Our’s didn’t come with poles, which might be why they were marked $10 under retail, but since Alex is only 2 he won’t be needing poles for a couple more years anyways.

Lucky Bums Youth Beginner Skis

Lucky Bums Youth Beginner Skis

These skis have a universal binding meant to work with most toddler snow boots, and Alex’s new LL Bean Snow Treads Boots fit perfectly! We found these boots yesterday at the outlet store for a $15 steal! The skis also have a bit of a fish ski pattern allowing little kiddos the ability to walk a bit more easily, especially with a slightly free-heel binding. They are recommended for ages 1.5-4 yrs.

When we pulled into Cranmore Ski Resort Alex was noticeably excited. One of his recent favorite Curious George episodes was “Curious George Christmas” in which George skis & snowshoes… he was excited to ski like Curious George!

We strapped the skis on and he was ready to go:

skiing with toddlers

Alex’s first moments on skis!

I took one short video with my iPhone, and later discovered the file transferred video is upside down on my PC, so this is the second short video clip… if I can find a way to flip the first one I’ll post it as it is pretty cute…

Alex first wanted to walk straight up the mountain, perhaps because that is what we do the other 3 seasons of the year. When I explained to him that the chairlifts bring the skiers up the mountain he immediately wanted to go on the chairlift. I had to break it to him it would be a couple years before he would be ready for that big step. We spent about an hour walking around with the skis on. When it was time to go he resisted, but I could see him getting tired from the effort and being out in the cold. Luckily Mommy arrived just in time to see him ski a few yards back to the lodge. He perked up again when he saw her and proudly pointed at his skis on his feet.

First ski trip, Success!

First ski trip, Success!

My parents started me skiing at 3. Seems like a lot of people around here started very early, or start their own children as early as they can walk.

When did you start? When did you start your kids? Please share any tips & insights you have with aspiring families looking to get their little ones on the slopes early in life in the comments below!


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